The Other Other Theatre Podcast

Why the hell did we start a podcast?

Well, the fact is, we're pretty fortunate to know some fantastic people.

And those people have really strong feelings about theatre.

Join hosts Joel Roster and Erin Gould as they lead a no-holds-barred (and occasionally NSFW) discussion of the arts scene in the Bay Area with guests who are industry professionals, sharing what currently grinds their gears...and what gives them some hope.

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EPISODE 104: Michael Patrick Gaffney

RECORDED: 2/16/20

In this episode, Joel and Erin sit with actor and playwright Michael Patrick Gaffney to discuss the possible correlation between addiction, alcoholism, and the arts. Other topics include: the Gaffney family bar; parents and kids; and Michael's dish on his 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party gig in his other profession--as "the oldest living cater waiter". 


EPISODE 105: Taylor Bartolucci

RECORDED: 2/23/20

In this episode, the boys talk to Taylor Bartolucci, Artistic Director and co-founder of Lucky Penny Productions in Napa. Topics include: the juggle of career, other career, and family; the responsibility of being "the only game in town"; the thin line between passion and insanity; the threat of (what else) AB5; the sin of wasting actors' time; and advice for nerves in the audition room. 

EDITOR: Joel Roster
MIXER: Erin Gould

EPISODE 103: Sam Hurwitt

RECORDED: 1/29/20

Joel and Erin sit down for a first-time conversation with Mercury News critic, author, and playwright Sam Hurwitt. Topics include: the fate of Bay Area journalists under AB5; approaches in reviewing the same play or musical over and over (and over); the surge of theatre company closures; the effect of being a critic on interpersonal relationships; what excites Sam about the future; of theatre in the Bay Area; and, most importantly, some hope for the DC Extended Universe. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The opening of this episode had a lot more banter. Joel thought it was better to get right to the guest. Erin felt the edit sacrificed both comedy and an insight into the hosts. Comments welcomed. 

EPISODE 102: Lexie Lazear (1/15/2020)

RECORDED: 1/29/20

In the second episode, Joel and Erin talk to vibrant director, actor, make-up artist, and designer Lexie Lazear. Topics of discussion include: methods of directing a play you may not like; art vs. commerce; sexual predators currently on Broadway (and elsewhere); self-advocates; mistakes actors make in the audition room; Lexie's vision for a classic musical; a new beginning in Bay Area theatre; and the virtue of being your own soda pop. 

EPISODE 101: LaMont Ridgell (1/15/2020)

In the debut episode of The Other Other Theatre Podcast, hosts Joel Roster and Erin Gould have a no-holds-barred discussion of theatre and the arts with Bay Area actor LaMont Ridgell as their special guest. Topics include the California AB5 law (and the reaction to that law), racism in the arts in both Minnesota and California, the "wokeness" of the Bay Area, what kills a show, how "Cats" saved "The Rise of Skywalker", and hope for the future.