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Directed By Lexie Lazear

February 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th @ 7:00PM

The Vukasin Theatre, The Lesher Center for the Arts

1601 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, 94596

Welcome to Sarah Ruhl's romantic comedy that blurs the line between onstage, offstage, truth...and farce.


It's the classic love story: actor meets actor. Actor loses actor. Actor and actor have to work together again because work is scarce and they gotta get their required work weeks or they can't stay in the union but they gotta stay professional and both are totally involved with other people but what if oh man but what if old feelings come up because plays are super intimate and because first loves are always first loves...

Directed by unstoppable talent Lexie Lazear, join us for this brutally honest, universal story...just in time for a Valentine's Day present you forgot.


She: Kim Donovan

He: Kevin Thomas Singer

Director: John Blytt

Laurie/Millicent: Jamie Strube

Harrison/Husband: Alan Coyne

Angela/Millie: Shannon Alane Harger

Kevin: Benjamin Rafael Garcia

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